Position + Status = Read me!

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Position + Status = Read me!

Post by SimqueenPlayer3 on Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:10 pm

Hello everyone!
I will explain what the position a member has, and what you can do.

New Member = A newbie, you maybe have been online for this site for months, but you are still a New Member. All the new members are registered and new at the site.
Active Member = You will become a active member, already after 30 posts.
Full Member = You will become a full member, when you have been posting 100 posts.

Moderator = Moderator is a helping hand for the administrators, can do a few things.
Global Moderator = When you getting promoted from Moderator, you will become a Global Moderator, you can do all type of things. IP-block, reporting stuff etc. You will become moderator over all the topics.

Gallery Moderator = The GM(Gallery Moderator) will have the control of the gallery, checking photos and stuff like that.
Exchange Moderator = The EM (Exchange Moderator) will be a moderator over the Exchange. Checking downloads and if something is being reported, the EM will take care of it.

Affiliate = Under Portal, you can find Affiliate. If you are a affiliate and member on the forums, you will get the position Affiliate.
Creator = You uploading downloads under the Exchange, you will become a creator after 2 things (clothes, make-up, houses, hair and more)

Administrators = The administrators is having the full power over the forums, they can do everything. Editing the layout, IP-block and everything!


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